Friday, April 17, 2009

Testimony Sunday

With Easter this past Sunday, Lent is over and, with it, our Lenten prayer challenge. But, you may be wondering: we've been praying; has God been doing stuff? After a conversation with folks in our homegroup on Tuesday night, I can most definitely say: Yes, God is at work--in our lives, in our church, in the lives of the folks we've been praying for. It was so encouraging to hear the stories people shared: both of faithfulness in prayer and then seeing God work and also the stories of hearing God move in surprising ways--sometimes despite a lack of faithfulness in prayer on our part. Regardless, reflecting on how the last few weeks have gone, we were able to see God's work and give Him thanks. It was awesome.

So, this Sunday, in place of a teaching, we're going to have a time for folks to share testimonies of what God's been doing over the last few weeks--whether specifically related to something you've been praying for as part of the prayer challenge or otherwise. Pray about it; come prepared to share just a quick 1-2 minute story about some way you've seen God work during this Lenten season.

See you Sunday.

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