Friday, April 10, 2009

Culture-Making ECV Community

Somewhat following up on Elisa's teaching from Sunday, I thought this might be a good time, for us to pray into one of our ECV dreams, "A Culture-Making ECV Community." We want to be a community that spurs one another on towards using the gifts that God has given us for His purposes in the world. We want to be a community that creates culture rather than parrotting it. That's a big, abstract, idea, but I think there are some practical things to pray for:

1) Vocational discernment: In a city like ours, this is always a huge question. Let's pray that God would make our community one in which people are able to find clarity regarding who God has made them to be, what God has asked them to do, and how God has gifted them and is developing them along the way. Along those lines, let's pray for the four ECV folks involved in the "Make Believe" discernment program (Maureen, Asha, Michelle, and Shelly).

2) Let's pray for various culture-making sub-communities, like artists, scholars, scientists, doctors,  musicians, etc. Let's pray that God would make ECV a place where professional connections, credentials, and skills are leveraged for the Kingdom. 

3) Big Ideas: Let's pray for God's guidance in selecting and investing in some of the bigger ideas that we've been tossing around: ECV peer review networks (music, arts, scholarship), ECV Summer School, ECV Scholar-in-Residence, publish a Magazine/Journal/Books, etc.

4) "Let all things be done for building up." Let's pray that, in everything, God would orient our hearts towards His glory, the service of one another, and the service of others, rather than towards our own awesomeness.

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