Monday, October 27, 2008

Following Jesus at the Elm City Vineyard

On Sundays these days we're taking some time to revisit who it is we believe God has called us to be as a church--how it is that we can follow Jesus courageously--as expressed in our vision statement:
The Elm City Vineyard Church exists to call all people to revolutionary lives of action through Spirit-empowered communities that love and obey Jesus in all things.
We're going to start at the end of our statement and work backwards, because we really feel like the core of who we're to be is captured in the concepts of loving and obeying Jesus in all things. Anyway, these talks are important enough to our identity as a church that we're going to post them online so that even if you have to miss a Sunday, you can stay part of the conversation. 

So, here you go (these should play in QuickTime or iTunes, both free downloads from Apple):

10/19: Following Jesus Courageously (Matt Croasmun)
10/26: Loving Jesus in All Things (Caleb Maskell)
11/2: Obeying Jesus in All Things (Matt Croasmun)
11/9: Spirit-Empowered Communities I (Matt Croasmun)
11/16: Spirit Empowered Communities II (Todd Kennedy)
11/30: Revolutionary Lives of Action II (Andy Saperstein)

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