Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Movin' on Up

This Sunday (9/28), we’ll be meeting upstairs--that is, in the first-floor sanctuary--at United Church; Sunday School and childcare will remain downstairs. Why?
  1. We hope that we'll be able to better serve the kids if we’re not trying to share the space downstairs. As you've probably noticed, small children like to be able to be loud, to run around, and to generally be kids. It's hard to let the kids do that when a large group of adults is practically in the same room having a profound, sometimes quiet and meditative encounter with God.
  2. Moving upstairs will also give us (a lot) more space for our main gathering. No more standing, leaning against a wall because there's nowhere to sit. Trust me, there will be somewhere for you to sit in the United sanctuary...
Anyway, we’ll try it out and see how it goes. There will be some differences (the sanctuary is a traditional, old-school church which could be exciting or terrifying depending on your disposition), but the important things will stay the same: the God whom we are pursuing and the folks with us along the way.

Last, as I mentioned Sunday, meeting upstairs will give us more flexibility in terms of our order of service. So, come on time; otherwise, you may find that you've missed the talk, or communion, or some other opportunity to really encounter with God.

Upwards and onwards...

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