Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Healing Course

Gateway Christian Fellowship (129 Bull Hill Lane, West Haven) is hosting a four-night course on healing, integrating both spiritual and medical perspectives THIS WEEK, Wednesday through Saturday (9/17-9/20).

The folks they have lined up to speak are amazing: Randy Clark, Francis and Judith MacNutt, Leif Hetland, Dr. Steve Mory, and Michele Kinrade--many are Vineyard-connected people; the opportunity to encouter all of them in the seem place is remarkable. Anyway, I know a few ECVers are going to try to check out at least a session or two. Check it out. Registration info (including cost) is available on Gateway's website.)

Here's the blurb from Gateway:

What causes sickness? How do we heal? Is there really a relationship between our thoughts and our health? Is it possible for the dead to be raised? This challenging course will investigate various spiritual and medical perspectives on healing throughout history.

Recently, hospitals have begun to welcome New Age healing methods – like Reike, and therapeutic touch. What is this "healing energy" and whose is it? This course will help you understand the process of healing, how to walk in God's healing power, and how to embrace a life of divine health.

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