Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Thursday: Ice Cream-Off

As announced Sunday, Elm City Vineyard Thursday Nights of Passion begin this week with an Ice Cream-Off.

Never been to an Ice Cream-Off before? Here's what you need to know:

1. If the means to make ice cream are at your disposal, make your best recipe(s) in the largest quantity your ice cream maker will take.
(We can't imagine anyone who would hear of this who wouldn't show up, so quantity and quality are both desired.) If you are bringing your own ice cream, show up a bit ahead of time so your container can be successfully disguised to insure impartial voting (see #3).

2. If you can't get the ice cream making done yourself, bring along some of your favorite made by someone else. If you switch up the containers and pretend that you made it, well, we can't really stop you, but the Lord probably can. (yikes.)

3. It's BYOB: bring your own bowl...and spoons. We fear that we may not have enough bowls and spoons to serve everyone who might turn up, and you would be really sad to stand around watching other people eat ice cream should this actually happen.

4. The -off suffix means competition. We will have a secret ballot for first, second, and third places. There may be prizes involved.

Our house is on Fountain St, at the (SW) corner of Fountain and Vista Terr in Westville.
There isn't parking on Fountain in front of our house, but you can park either on Vista Terrace--a left turn off Fountain--on the east (left) side of the street or on Pardee--a right turn off Fountain. The house number is 290.

Questions? Trash talk? Send it to Grace or Michelle.

See you there....

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