Monday, June 16, 2008

Life with a Living God series

Sometimes it feels like God communicates with a sound like the voice of Charlie Brown's unintelligible teacher in "Peanuts."
Sometimes it feels like God is a distant, volatile F├╝hrer that it is really important not to make any more angry.
Sometimes it feels like God is best thought of as a benevolent force who runs the show but who never leads people with much clarity at all.

And sometimes, God's communication feels personal, demonstrable, profound, life-changing. What is your experience?

This summer at ECV we are going to do a five-part teaching and discussion series called "Life with a Living God." We are going to look deeply, practically, and personally at the idea that God is alive and that God is not silent.

Every meeting of the series will have worship, teaching, discussion, and most importantly, personal stories of joy and struggle on the question of what is it like to love and serve a living God who sometimes feels so close and other times feels so distant.

Personal stories will abound, as we flesh out key themes in Scripture and practice that relate to the pursuit of life lived together with a living God. These meetings will be refreshing, encouraging, and challenging. Come and join in!


Part I: Stories and Possibilities
WHERE: The Hartley's House (808 Elm St, at Ellsworth)
WHEN: This Thursday (6/19) and next Thursday (6/26) at 7PM

Part II: Prayer and Practice
WHERE: The Saperstein’s (The Ark, 532 Norton St)
WHEN: 7/17, 7/31, 8/14 at 7PM

See you there! 

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