Thursday, December 13, 2007

spreading the word...

So, we're getting close to time to let this cat out of the bag. We've been meeting in homegroups, gathering on Sundays, etc., but we haven't really thrown the doors open and invited one and all to come in and experience what God is doing among us.

But all that is about to change. Witness the power of the fledgling ECV Communications team. ;-)

Here's the plan: Beginning next month (January '08), we'll begin putting up posters (like the ones you see mocked up below) that simply contain our name and a thought-provoking quote or idea from someone who has some cultural capital outside the church that will get people thinking about God, the Church, the meaning of life, what have you--all in the direction of beginning to consider what it would look like to live a revolutionary lives of action in spirit-empowered communities that love and obey Jesus Christ in all things. The idea would be to make a bunch of different posters with different quotes and roll them out one at a time (at, say, one-to-two-week intervals)... eventually, people might even start looking for the next poster to find the next quote.

Anyway, I've mocked up a few samples below, but what we'd really love would be for YOU to suggest quotes from people with cultural capital in your circles that you think would provoke someone in the direction we're talking about: revolutionary lives of action in pursuit of Jesus.

So, take a look at a few samples and then add your ideas in the comments. On Sunday, during the potluck, we'll have some blank mini-posters for you to mock-up your ideas. (Can't wait? Check out the existing designs and download a blank here.)

"True Christianity is sill possible today." Nietzsche; feel the power.

From "Choruses from the Rock"... tidbits from this poem keep popping up as we consider who we are and who God's called us to be.

OK, so maybe I just like U2, but I think this one is cool.

Maybe at the end of the campaign, we just put up the core of our vision in our own words...

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