Friday, November 2, 2007

Notes from Uganda

A note from Tom from Uganda:
Hey friends -

Many of you know that I have left for a 10 day trip to Uganda to set up a missions trip with InterVarsity this coming June. We arrived safely, and I am trying desparately to stay awake until nightfall and beat the jet lag. Today, we spent the afternoon in the capital, Kampala, mostly at a squatter community of mud and tin room houses. We visited children and the pastor of a small "revival church" smack in the middle of the extreme poverty. It rained today, and I was shocked to see people come out with jugs to fill water from the run-off, dirt disease and all. We played soccer with the kids and listened to a choir of 10-13 year old girls who have written their own music that tells their stories set to traditional African dance. It was beautiful. We are working with an organization called who does meaningful empowering and partnering work with the Africans.

This weekend we join Ugandan students for a conference, and afterwards head up north to gulu for the remainder of next week. We will be working to restore child soldiers from a brutal civil war that only recently came to a cease fire. You can check out Child Voice International if you'd like to see what we are doing. The North has had a bitter history of ethnic violence, mistrust and animosity toward the south. We are hoping that our involvement in
both regions will be used by God to bridge the gap and reconcile relationships, especially among the believers. I return to the
states next Sunday, Nov. 11th. Thank you for praying for my spiritual protection and discernment in this time, and especially for praying for (and helping) Maureen who has it tough with the three high maintenance boys on her own.

Take care, and God Bless,


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