Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ready... Set... Go!

Homegroups are multiplying! Here, there, everywhere! Life-giving, chasing-after-Jesus homegroups are popping up all over town! (ok, really just in a 4-block radius around Whalley & Norton...)

Tuesdays (STARTING September 18th—not the 11th!) at 180 Colony Road at 7pm. Led and hosted by Caleb & Kathy Maskell and Mark & Sunny Jonas.

Wednesdays (starting 9/12) at 530/532 Norton Parkway at 7pm. Led and hosted by Andy & Kathy Saperstein and Jeremy & Grace Blum.

Thursdays (starting 9/13) at 173 Norton Street: 6pm for dinner, 7:30 for homegroup. Led and hosted by Matt & Hannah Croasmun and Tom & Maureen Sharp.

For more info, contact the hosts or email me (Matt) at matt@elmcityvineyard.org.

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