Friday, September 28, 2007

Update From Darfur

Here's an update from a member of the 180Colony homegroup from Darfur:

So now that I am here in Darfur I have a little better idea of what I am doing and what it is like. I will be working with an NGO that does mobile health clinics in 2 main areas in Darfur, one of which is a refugee camp on the outside of a medium sized city, and the other is a rural area where there are no other medical services available. Our team includes a few expats in charge of managing the project on a wider scope (including myself, in charge of the logistical operations) and about 30 local staff, most of whom are health professionals and doctors. There is a strong sense of fear and hostility that pervades the area, as we hear daily of bombings (by the Government), carjackings (by the "rebels" and other bandits), and other riots and attacks (by both sides) which make traveling out of the cities nearly impossible. This violence has escalated to some degree in the last week as people expect there will be major crackdowns on security once the UN forces arrive, so they want to steal as many cars as possible before that - 3 were stolen in broad daylight in the city where we are this week, including one of our own - usually this only happens in more rural areas...

keep praying for us.

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